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Sophie Hutchings (Aus)

April 2017

Genre: Modern Classical, Piano
Territory: Europa


From her humble beginnings playing piano while nobody else was in the family home, Sydney’s Sophie Hutchings has developed into a composer and performer of unique beauty and international renown.

Compared with the likes of Michael Nyman, Max Richter, Dustin O’halloran, Nils Frahm and other like minded composers, Hutching’s has prompted much critical praise worldwide, with MOJO Magazine declaring her work as ‘stirring, vigorous, [and] grandly melodic”. Hutchings debut album was listed in that magazine’s Top 5 Independent releases and has continued to endure and impress since. Hutchings is subtly playful within the direct and emotive candour of her style, making for an open and surprising journey throughout. Balancing the beautiful fragility in her work with a deeper sense of urgency creates a striking charge to her performance with a compelling pulse that also encompasses a lightness of touch in parts making for many shades set within Hutchings’ beguiling vision.
Her compositions move from disarmingly spare and elegant beginnings to curl out with a tingling edge, propelling its austerity into urgent and epic realms. Violin, cello, heighten the flight these pieces can take as well as dip and swell within the more dimly lit moods of gentler nuance, casting a particular spell across the range of feeling captured in Sophie’s playing. Both unfussed and exquisite though constantly evolving….

Media Quotes:
” This demands attention and rewards it handsomely. Night Sky is the soundtrack to a film too heartbreakingly beautiful to exist.” – Andrew P Street Mess + Noise
“And always, always, with this album a sense of genuine beauty” – Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald
“Stirring, vigourous, grandly melodic” – Mojo Magazine
“Frankly amazing . . the whole album holds you in a state of rapture that feels as if you’re about to burst into tears at any second at the sheer beauty of it, and I say that without condition. If there’s a higher praise than that, I can’t think of it. ” – db Magazine

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