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Takashi Hattori (JP, Noble) + Sima Kim (SK)

16 - 20 Nov. 2016

Genre: experimental, electronic, unclassifiable
Territory: NL/ BE


16nov: Amsterdam, De Ruimte, eventlink (met Wouter van Veldhoven)
17nov: Beschikbaar
18nov: Nijmegen, Extrapool, eventlink (zonder Sima Kim)
19nov: Dordrecht, Door, eventlink

20nov: Bechikbaar

Takashi Hattori
Takashi Hattori is an Osaka-based musician. He was exceptionally accepted as a member of the inaugural class of The Film School of Tokyo’s music course at the age of 15, and though he was permitted from a major record label to freely use their studio as a high school student, this mysterious prodigy and “enfant terrible” disappeared coinciding with graduation. Years later, in 2013, Hattori released in obscurity his maiden work including six tracks, “UNBORN”, in which his ingenious and thrilling electronic orchestra was more than enough to prove his surpassing potentials. And now, with his upcoming work, Takashi Hattori will finally explode his extraordinary gift.

The beginning of this new work was a project of producing about six tracks as a soundtrack for the Franco-Japanese film “TECHNOLOGY” (Director: Maiko Endo / Release 2016). As Hattori earned tremendous inspirations during his coverage trip in India, his ideas inflated and the project finally transformed into a full album including twelve original tracks. It is not a mere film music album, but a three-sided conceptual instrumental work; a “film soundtrack”, a “trip album to India” and the “first full album of Takashi Hattori”.

With various musical elements including modern music, jazz, ambient, minimal, noise, drone, ethnic music and even a gagaku (Japanese court music) approach, his sounds that intersect with an overwhelming scale are peerless. With its theme being “faith”, according to Hattori, his new work’s odd nervousness that expresses the world’s chaos and eccentric but peculiarly harmonized outlook of the world that somewhat reminds us of equinox has a universe-like beauty drifting by its side. Built up with his unfettered sensitivity and independent aesthetics, Takashi Hattori’s first full album “MOON” should be what is called a timeless piece of work.
links: Website, bandcamp

Sima Kim
Sima Kim is a South Korean electronic musician based in The Hague.
He is known as his own unique style from his diversity of backgrounds
through sound art to dance culture while being influenced by subcultures.
His works are featured on Pitchfork, Fact magazine, Wire magazine and others.
links: Website, bandcamp


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