RE: Miasmah Labelnight: Svarte Greiner, Kreng Trio, Simon Scott, James Welburn


Energiehuis Ketel2 (ism Bibelot)
Noordendijk 148, Dordrecht
Entree: € 15


A F/uister dream comes finally true, with this showcase of the Miasmah recordlabel, one of the finest labels in dark ambient, drone and experimental music. Miasmah is a Norwegian independent record label that was started in Oslo by Erik K. Skodvin (Deaf Center) in 2006. The label has released albums by Rafael Anton Irisarri, Jacaszek, Elegi, Jasper TX, Gultskra Artikler, Greg Haines, Encre and Kreng.

James Welburn (live)
James Welburn has been playing bass guitar in avant-rock bands in London since the early 90’s, and later studied sound art before working in the film sound design industry. This was followed by 10 years submerged in the latest software developments in Berlin whilst escaping into the cities rich experimental scene at night. Since then Welburn combines and modifies deconstructed electric bass guitar sounds with abstract software processing. Sometimes performing solo live sets, featuring ambient landscapes of noisy drones, diminished tones, clangs and distorted bass. In addition he has played with Australian experimental jazz drummer Tony Buck (The Necks) in the band Transmit since 2009. Buck also appears on James´s debut album “Hold”.

James Welburn – Peak (live at [F]luister) from Ovideo on Vimeo.

Simon Scott (live)
Simon will be probably forever introduced as the former drummer of shoegaze gods Slowdive, and the person who left the band after the ground-breaking album Souvlaki. But it would be unjust and ignorant to regard his presence in Slowdive as the peak of his musical career, after his excellent comback album ”Navigare” on Miasmah in 2009, “Bunny” in 2011 and the vast amounts of collaborations, releases and side projects he has been involved with since then. Able to conjure up everything from the darkest lynchian soundscapes, re-animated field recordings and sludgy, blissful drones, he has the ability and vision not many artists have to try mess up and re-create his own sound and style for a new unexpected approach.

Svarte Greiner (live)
Svarte Greiner is the one man project of Erik K. Skodvin (half of the duo Deaf Center & label manager of the miasmah label). While the duo creates dusty grey soundscapes in a surrealistic world of sounds not far from that of David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti, Svarte Greiner is further exploration into a more dark, mysterious & disturbed universe. Drawing inspirations from artists such as Earth, Volcano the bear, David Darling & Deathprod, the output is draped in lynchian mysticism & horror film cinematics. Since his release of the debut album “knive” in 2006 & followup album “kappe” in 2009, he has released a series of 12″´s, cassettes and limited edition releases around. Erik also had the pleasure of touring with Fever Ray as opening act in 2009 & has since been playing alot of festivals and venues all around Europe & north america.

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